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(Unofficial) Record-breaking temperatures across the Globe

(Unofficial) Record-breaking temperature across the Globe

Europe animation over the past week
(note may take a while to load)

Important Notes:
  • The source of the historical data here is the NCDC GSOD (updated through 2018 as of 10 February 2019).
  • The records are defined here using GMT, with the day resetting at 00GMT (7PM EST;8PM EDT).
  • These records are NOT official and differ from official records that use a longer database and local (not GMT) time.
  • Only cities having an NCDC GSOD recorded history of at least 35 years are shown here.
  • With the additional year of data available (2018), 71 new stations (for a total of 3436) now meet the 35 year minimum record.
  • In cases when there are multiple years of records for a city, the latest (most recent) year is shown above.
  • Note that given the relatively short record used here (as small as 35 years), records will almost assuredly be set somewhere every day for the next several decades to centuries.
  • Appreciation to R. Maue, among several others, for feedback.