A collection of weather pages with truly unique content since 1994.

A collection of weather pages with truly unique content since 1994.

(L): Mid-1990s during summer in North Branford, CT; (M): October 2002 snow and colorful foliage at PSU; (R): Photographs and temperatures during a 2017 solar eclipse

Offshore Weather Data The first webpage to search/decode/plot buoy/shipdata -- dating back to Hurricane Gordon in 1994!
Hourly U.S. Weather Statistics Current and archived areal-average weather statistics for the United States
Mesoscale Weather Analyses State, regional, and continental plots of current weather data
Internet Weather Obs. Have a personal weather station? Submit and plot your own weather observations. 1.3+ million since 1994!
World's most unique weather Extreme, rare, unique current weather from around the world based on decoded METAR observations.
Hourly Model Forecasts The first page to plot hourly (BUFR) model city forecasts: Time-series, time-height cross sections, and model soundings.
Forecast Precipitation Type The first page to plot precipitation type (hourly and accumulated) from NCEP models.
Global 8-day forecasts Click anywhere on the planet and get an 8-day forecast for a variety of parameters from the GFS.
Global temperature records Compares current temperatures to a climatology and plots those exceeding daily, monthly, and all-time unofficial records.

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